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Established in Hong Kong in 1976, we are specialized in manufacturing of transformers and coils.  Since the company restructuring in 2008, we relocated our production lines to Qing Yuan City of Guangdong Province, PRC, where only ahour of travelling distance from the heart of Guangzhou City.  With the advanced production facilities and supervision of original team of management, the production capacity reaches a maximum of 3,000,000 units of transformers and coils.  By way of own delivery and outsourced courier service, we deliver final products to customer on time.

With over 30 years of professional experience, we focus on the research and development, design and manufacture of transformers or trigger coils which are used in the flash of traditional or digital cameras.  In addition, our transformers and coils are widely used in various electrical appliances and toys.

Our company received ISO9001 certification since 1999 from Lloyds Register and fully satisfied with the RoHS and REACh requirements.  Upon request, we can also fulfil various safety standards such as UL and CSA.

Our products are exported worldwide, e.g. Japan, Korea, USA, Europe countries.

We committed to continuous improvement and provide excellent quality of products and services.


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